User Experience Research

Throughout my career I have conducted user experience research, both quick and iterative variety and long term, large scale. My UX toolbox includes broad range of quantitative and qualitative techniques, which allows me to choose the right tool for the job. Techniques include contextual inquiry, ethnographic study, workshopping technologies, interviewing, field study, usability tests, participatory design and online surveys, usage log analysis. Here are some sample projects:

  • Early stage product definition for a K12 computer science education curriculum/software package. Included brainstorming, market review, concept definition and prototyping;
  • Quick, nimble qualitative UX research of science education games using interviews, cognitive walkthroughs and contextual inquiries;
  • STEAM workshops to iteratively develop educational and technological hardware;
  • Survey and task development to test the efficacy of a computer science camp;
  • Learning analytics of STEM educational games as part of a research team;
  • Quantitative investigations of members’ behavior in online learning communities: data scrubbing, statistical analysis and social network analysis of web and email logs;
  • Ethnographic field study of a youth programming community;