The Computer Clubhouse Online Community

The Intel Computer Clubhouse Network is a seminal community of over 100 afterschool physical learning centers, located in underserved areas, where youth create with technology. In its online community, the Village, youth from the physical clubhouses come together to share, discuss, and critique their creative work.

I designed technologies for the network’s online community of youth creators and studied how design choices impact social and individual creativity among the youth. I used social network analysis to describe the email communication patterns among the international community. I also developed a new social technology designed to diffuse through the community and then observed the technology’s diffusion patterns using social network analysis techniques.

Publication: Sylvan, E. (2009). The Computer Clubhouse Village: An Intranet For Sharing and Connecting. Kafai, Y, Peppler, K, & Chapman, R. The Computer Clubhouse: Creativity and Constructionism in Youth Communities. New York: Teachers College Press. [pdf]