Open Data/Open Minds

Open Data/Open Minds (ODOM), supports educators and learners  to convey local stories using data investigations and crafted visualization. One way to describe the projects that people create through ODOM is a cross between illuminated infographics and interactive museum exhibits. Through the ODOM program participants develop their research questions, explore existing datasets, and create, analyze, and present data.  Its activities are work across different disciplines including Math, Engineering, English, Computer Science, Art, Media Literacy and various sciences.

As Senior Research Scientist on the project I design and develop the contents of the ODOM program including techniques, topics, and activities. By running workshops and professional development trainings with teachers, informal educators, learners, scientists and technologists, I iterate and improve ODOM’s design. For examples of how I’ve done this, see the work for the  2017 Mozilla Global Sprint (associated Github materials) and 2017  Mozfest (associated Github materials). This project was presented in many workshops between 2016 and present, most recently presented at a workshop and tech demo at the Connected Learning Summit 2018 and as a workshop at the 2018 Maker Ed Convening.

Collaborators: The ODOM project at at Nexmap includes David Cole and Natalie Freed. All hardware prototypes shown here are by Natalie Freed.