Playground Pathway

The Interactive Playground Pathway was a pathway for outdoor play that reacts when you step across it. In an attempt to capture the strength of time-tested playground installations and emerging, popular interactive exhibits, we designed a simple prototype to explore the problem space of outdoor playgrounds in the digital era. When a child walks or runs through the pathway, it reacts to their steps along her journey.

Collaborators: Susanne Seitinger, Oren Zuckerman, Orit Zuckerman, Marco Popovic.

Publication: Seitinger S, Sylvan E, Zuckerman O, Popovic M, & Zuckerman O. (2006). A New Playground Experience: Going Digital. In G. Olson & R.  Jeffries (Eds), Proc. Of CHI 2006, ACM, New York, NY 303-308. [pdf]