My consulting work focuses on technology-driven education tools and programs. I help organizations to design and develop technological tools and programs for learning. I often playing the role of a ‘critical friend’ to teams who are in moments of definition and change. In the last year I have been working on product definition, user experience, makerspace design, and curriculum development. Recent projects include working with

  •  a large international corporate client by 1)  supporting the development of a 5-year strategic plan for bringing new technology into their education products and services & 2) adapting an Asian computer science program for the US,
  • the Computer History Museum defining the purpose and conceptual design of a new makerspace center, &
  • Silicon Valley Education Foundation developing strategy, research agenda and programs for a STEM school.

My clients include the Benesse Corporation, Old Salem Museum and Gardens, Computer History Museum, Silicon Valley Education Foundation, the Southern Center for Contemporary Art and the MIT Media Lab.